Monday, October 27, 2008

Koze, Karma , Acee, Whygee, WOE, Deca

Welcome to Box Sate Music.. This week Check out some Dope Pieces by Koze, Acee, Gropes, Woe and man more.. Exclusive music by Karma, Yung Teez, Deca, and an EXCLUSIVE 3 part interview with Whygee.. Dont forget to check out the Jewell Tyme music cd release party This Sat Nov 1 @ the Marquis Theater... Thanks to everyone helping us out at Box State Music.. Put Yo Box Up!!!!


Koze2008, OldSchool Koze TKO, Jolt, Nime Denver, Co


Acee RTD-This Piece was only up a week or so Denver, Co


Gropes-Legal Wall on West Colfax 2008


Rise-Arvada, CO 2008

Box State Writers- 8th & Grant Denver, Co

Karma T.E, Jewell Tyme Music, JoeT Exclusive

New Mix Comming Nov Barack Okarma


Money , Music, RoundTables Cd Release Party This Saturday


Deca Life Crew- She Keeps Asking EXCLUSIVE

Yung Teez Bowa Music- Champ


JoeThunder/ Whygee Iterview Part 1

JoeT/ Whygee Interview Part 2

Roads-Denver, Co 2008

WOE RTD, Waldo SWS-This Piece was only up a week or so Denver 2008

Box State Profile

1. Name? Ancient Mith
2. Label/ Crew? Ponowai Flora ( label ), Hungry Giant, rush YA, LTD
3. Where are you from? New Jersey been fortunate enough to live a few places though.
4. How long have you been in the game? I've had releases on cd and vinyl since 2003 but been at it way longer than that ofcourse.
5. Who are some artist you have gotten down with outside your crew/label?
I'm down with a lot of people.
6. Let the people know what you do? Rap and piss other people off in the process.
7. Craziest experience you have encountered while in the game?
Not sure I have seen some crazy shit go down, Cherry Vodka in Poland was pretty fuckin wild!
8. Most embarrassing experience you have encountered while in the game?

Haha, too many, I was by the backstage at Red Rocks with Hangar 18 at Paid Dues and this girl started talking to me and telling me how funny I was on stage, me thinking that I am hilarious, it took a second to realize that she thought I was Sage Francis, so after convincing her I wasn't, I got her number and continued on with the night.
9. List some of your influences'?
I - 70 thru the mountains alone, life on the road in general. Friends, family, and people who are neither.
10. What are you currently working on?
Pushing the Hungry Giant album I just released, got a bunch of guest spots from Cali and France coming out sooner then later. Working on a few new projects that I am excited to start.
Any Shout outs?
Yeah, Word to your mother, Time, Awareness, Tullie The Rapper, Dirty Laboratory, LTD, Unconventional Science, Rob Viktum, Demune, joeT, Denver
Contact info?
www. myspace. com/ancientmith

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Main Picture Dubs (bboy), Dread (turntables), Wise (emcee), Kanz89 (Graffiti writer)

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