Sunday, January 24, 2010

Custom Shirts By Ciro, New Music Bravo One, SidFly, & Put Yo Money Were Your Moth IS...

Custom Shirt by Ciro
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Dj Screw

Darrent Williams

New Music

One Eyed Kings- Ballad For A Fallen Soldier

SidFly IM FEELIN FLY _Jersey Shore Remix --SidFly, Spoaty Mac, Fazeone, Lenny Lenn, Nyke Loc, Hypnatic, Six o Clock, Dr. Mandible Lector, Contac, Prod By P Skywalker

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Put Yo Money Where Ya Mouth Is

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Music by Sp Double & Al Catone

Peep Some new music by Sp Double and Al Catone off of there up and coming mixtape.

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Holla at Al Catone for Beats & Verses

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What up to all the peeps I seen at the Goodie Mob Show last night Sky High, Sky High

SpDouble, FDotLawless, Devour, CodyBeastly, Niekrocka, KingFOE, Kaveslaw, Procyse

Pocket Full Of Money Al Catone

Goodfella Music Al Catone

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lazy Sundayz 1/3 & 1/10 Session Purpose, Earl Grey V, Jay Money Mayes, Turner Jackson Clips

Here Is a Preview Of LAzy Sundayz Vol 2.... Coming Soon Dvd... Mile High Madness 1 &2, Lazy Sundayz Vol 1 out this week....

Cover by Lenny Lenn, Grizz, JoeThunder

Lazy Sundayz 1/3 Session Purpose, Earl Grey V

Lazy Sundayz 1/10 Session Jay Money Mayes, Turner Jackson , Flawless Beat

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Video B Blacc Show Me what you got

B Blacc Show Me what you got
Directed by Rob G of Optimum Films, Inc. Produced by Sid Fly.
Music Production by Mo Heat.

Monday, January 11, 2010

That’s Sid Fly’s List of Best and Worst of the Decade!

VOL. 10e-1

It’s the start of a new Decade, 2K10, and the Mile HI City, matter-fact the whole Box State made Power Moves. I’m a shout out Joe Thunder for asking me to do this Blog. (He knows I don’t pull punches, just Blunts) So before I say hello to the new lets say goodbye to the last decade 2000’s.
Here’s my list of Box State’s best and worst for last Decade.

This list are the opions of Sid Fly and in no way reflect the views of Box State Music ...

Best Mixtape – Dj Quote
Best CD Cover – Mr. Verbal (Flying Fat Man)
Best Mixtape Cover – Dj Bizerk
Best Conscience Rapper - Paas
Best Hip Hip MC - Dent
Best Gangster Rapper – Lett Loose
Best Pac Sounding Rapper – Lil Therapy
Best White Rapper – (tie) Six O’Clock & Dr. Mandible Lector
Best White Gangster Rapper – 8ight tha Skate
Fastest Rapper –
Sid Fly Award (Best Live Show) – MDz / Danksta Lo
Best Mixtape Dj – Dj K-Tone
Best Club Dj – Dj Sabotage
Best Club Mix – Dj Sabotage
Most Seen Dj (Mile Hi clubs) – Dj K-Tone
Most Seen Dj (Outta State clubs) – Dj Quote
Most Seen Dj (backstage) – Dj Stupac
Best Performance Dj – Dj Sabotage (Larimer 21)/ Cysco Rockwell (DMC’s)
Best Voice - Julox
Most Battle Wins – (tie) Microphone Jones , Neil, Dent
Most CD sales – KBZ
Most Mixtapes sales – Dj Vajra
Most Seen Rapper (shows) – Black Pegasus
Most Seen Rapper (club) – Tom Atom Bomb
Most Seen Rapper (articles) – (tie) Dez, and Whygee
Weirdest Rapper – Master Fu
Best Producer – Chase Da Kat (Scarface Track)
Best Collaboration (Duo) – Innerstate Ike & Colfax Cac (Batman & Robin)
Best Collaboration Track (Various Artist) – Mile Hi Kings (JoeThunder)
Most White Black Rapper – 1865
Best Joe Thunder Mixtape – Contact High
Best Shit Talker – Lenny-Lenn
Best Shit Talk while taking A Shit – Foe (Vonny Loc reply video)
Best Diss Track – M6 (On point Diss) He Fucked ya sister dude!
Best Video – Nyke Loc (Take ya Bitch)
Rob G. Award (Best Director) - Distrakt
Best Jersey in Vid –Smitty Foe in MHC vid (Blue Jerry West Lakers Jersey)
Most Throwbacks – Tension
Best Crew Logo Jewelry – The Elite Entertainment Pieces
Best Hoes in A Video – Nyke Loc (Take Ya Bitch)
Best Wrapped Vehicles – Rie Rie
Best Dreads - Timbuk
Best Hip Hop House & Studio – Ogden House
Longest Dreads – (tie) Spellbinder & Dawit
Brokest Rapper – DAZE or is it DASE, Deville you know who you are.
Best Break Up by a Rap Group – Maneline
Best Rap Beef – Foe Vs. Doe aka Freddy X-Pills (Hill Top Click)
Needs 2 Get a Deal - Julox
Needs 2 Quit – Anyone from the Springs except Black P& Samir
Most Likely to give head 4 a Deal – Dj Stupac
Best Pony-Tail in a Video – Lenny-Lenn’s Bro James Ray
Best Commercial - Dez
Most Likely to get a Deal – Whiskey Blanket (look at 3oh3! & Flobots)
Groupie of the Decade – M___________ . HMMMMMMMMM
Gaffle of the Decade–Don Blas (paid Jadakiss 25g but couldn’t release song)
Worst CD – Dj Woogie Fresh
Worst Mixtape – Dj Amir (All-Star Mixtape)
Worst CD Cover – Anything made at the Spot
Worst Mixtape Cover – Dj Eric
Worst Conscience Rapper – All of them in Boulder or all white’s wit Dreads
Worst Hip Hip MC – (tie) Dent & Quazar
Worst Gangster Rapper – Is Kingdom considered Gangster?
Worst Pac Sounding Rapper – Everyone but 800 the Jewel & Lil Thearpy
Worst White Rapper – Sloppy Joe (Whiskey Blanket)
Worst White Gangster Rapper – Is Hypnotic considered Gangster?
Most Likely to Clear the Room when on Stage – Bubah Fly
Worst Mixtape Dj – Dj Woogie Fresh
Worst Club Dj – KDj Above and Any Dj at Lodo’s or Jet Hotel
Worst Club Mix – Dj Discern
Worst Producer – Whoever produced D.O.’s first solo album
Worst Collaboration (Duo) – Mind’s Eye
Worst Joe Thunder Mixtape – Mile Hi Kings Mixtape
Worst Video – (tie) Tef (Boomerang) / Phace (Whats on ya mind Dog)
Worst Director – Chance McSliff
Most Disapointing Break Up by a Rap Group – Zero Hour
Least likely to get a Deal – Bubah Fly
Best Group – 3oh3! (Don’t Hate the Player, when the Games on the Line)

That’s Sid Fly’s List of Best and Worst of the Decade!

I know everyone won’t agree, and I’m sure ya’ll wanted me to put myself into a couple of those slots, but that wouldn’t be fair, cuz I would be Best Shit Talker, all day… And don’t be mad if ya #$%^&*( was GOY you know how Chick like Rappers. Next it’s a lot of rappers, djs, and producers should have made the worst of list, but you must have some kind of following. So even if you where ranked worst, you still beat our a lot of people in popularity… Email me your list

Ps. Don’t bother Rob G. or JoeThunder about the Sid Fly list
Ya Pilot 2 the Mile Hi Club…
Sid Fly

Thanks to Sid Fly for the entertaining list ... Don't forget any questions for Sid Email him at

Friday, January 8, 2010

Lazy Sundayz Dvd Cover

Lazy Sundayz Dvd Cover

Thanks to Lenny Lenn & Grizz for helpng with the cover..
Dvd Out Real Soon

Wednesday, January 6, 2010