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Jolt In His Own Words, New Music Karma, Don Blas, MDz, Mr. Verbal Music Profile,

Jolt In His Own Words

Jolt Interview w/ JoeThunder Box State Music EXCLUSIVE Topics include DenverGraffiti, Life Krew, The Early Days, The Kids, & GuerillaGarden 52 min



Karma- Chevy Music EXCLUSIVE

Don Blas-4get About It

MDz-My Duds


All Flicks Taken By JoeThunder

Box State Music Hip Hop Blog


1. Name? Mr. Verbal

2. Label/ Crew? Street Philosafee

3. Where are you from? Brooklyn/ Denver

4. How long have you been in the game? 11yr.

5. Who are some artist you have gotten down with outside your crew/label? JoeThunder, Status, Timbuk, Citric Metranome, Selector Sam, Reu1, Charlie Chizzrl, Tetra

6. Let the people know what you do? I am a Mc that Rap and sell Cd's

7. Craziest experience you have encountered while in the game? Sneaking on to the Jedi & NonFiction and performinga song.

8. Most embarrassing experience you have encountered while in the game? Performing for nobody, just the people that work there

9. List some of your influences’? Kool G Rap, Biggie, Tribe

10. What are you currently working on? 3 Cd's

Any Shout outs? Joe Thunder, Street Philosafee

Contact info? www.myspace.com/mr.verbal.com

My 2 Cent

It’s been Cold as funk the last couple of days but you know we gotta keep it moving… Much love & respect to everyone who has been getting down, showing me the way, & believing in me… Did some dope interviews this week with Jolt, Earl Gray V, & Morning Star thanks Fam(plenty of more to come). Got the chance to see Hise , Shoe & Koze get down on a wall up on Feds (They had to fix it)… These guys are dope what up Keyz & Kier????? I wanna send a shout out to Q Salazar Colorado Hip Hop blog are Colorado Rap Up thanks for the love!!!! Also My boy Karma (T.E, JTM) gotta a new Cd out called Barack O'Karma Street Politics and the shit is sweet, check out one of my favorite tracks on the blog Chevy music something to ride to (what up to the rest of the Fam JTM) … Big up’s to my boy Mr. Verbal always showing love Thanks Bro… Tune in every week new music , new pics , new everything … Don’t forget to tell a friend so he or she can tell a friend about boxstatemusic.com. The Best and latest in Box State Hip Hop… SUPPORT THIS MOVEMENT!!!!!! See you in the lanes… Time to go get my workout on…

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Box State Press Release, Tetrahedron LIVE,Nsane , Music by Johnny Rocketz, Hypnautic, Joulz Il, NoNo Baby, Flicks by Swek,Koze,Xeno, Behold & More

Box State Music Press Release

HIP HOP COLORADO is home. One site delivering THE ART, THE MUSIC, and THE CULTURE.

Take a behind the Scene tour through the streets of DENVER were GRAFFITI is the ART, BREAKIN is the DANCE , RAP is the MUSIC, AND THE DJ’S KEEP THE PARTY GOING ALL NIGHT LONG. Hip Hop is the stage. Don’t sit back and wait. Come and get it right here at BOXSTATEMUSIC.COM where Colorado Hip Hop Culture is brought to you live. Find the shows, the secrets, the musicians, the art, the music. Listen to exclusive interviews of Denver’s finest in the game. Read exclusive reviews of cd’s and shows. Check out flicks of Denver’s hottest graffiti. Listen to music lace the night before it happens at BOXSTATEMUSIC.COM, your one and only stop for Colorado Hip Hop life.
BOXSTATEMUSIC.COM brings the scene to you. All of it. All the time.
Because hip hop happens live, BOXSTATEMUSIC.COM constantly flows. To provide, to promote, to create, to connect, the artists of Colorado to the world. JOETHUNDER works his magic making Colorado Hip Hop culture thrive. BOXSTATEMUSIC.COM bridges the gap between artists, the fans and the world.
BoxStateMusic brings all the finest players together and the game is on, Hip Hop larger then life and BOXSTATEMUSIC.COM delivers Colorado Hip Hop Culture to the world stage.
Bring your music, your art, your products. Bring yourself to BOXSTATEMUSIC.COM for a dose of Colorado Hip Hop at its finest. Find Dope MC’s and Producers, Ill Graffiti writers, B-boys and Fans from across the state, all of which are the heart beat and breath of Hip Hop Colorado. Hip Hop is not a nine to five gig but a way of life. The Hip Hop Beat is the air we breath. Graffiti is the light we see. Artists are the water we drink. Music is the food we eat. JOETHUNDER is the master chef and BOXSTATEMUSIC.COM is the plate serving everyone the Colorado Hip Hop Life.

Tetrahedron live at Owsleys

Up Comming Shows

Dope Flicks from around the City



Koze/ Relm






Dues,Afy, Awal

Soja/ Rcst

Doce/ Acee/ Woe


New Music

Johnny Rocketz/King Tef/Hypnautic/M6-Lets Just Do Us

Joulz Il-Fuel My Microphone Snippet Prod. Kid Hum

NoNo Baby- Ima Turn Up

Box State Music Hip Hop Blog
1. Name? Nsane

2. Label/ Crew? Pure Talent Entertainment/Box Boyz!

3. Where are you from? Montbello,Colorado
4. How long have you been in the game? Since 5 Years Old

5. Who are some artist you have gotten down with outside your crew/label?
D Bridge
Elite Ent.
Dyemund Divaz
Indy J.
Tha Future & Z3 w/Hustle Gang
Troche Da Kid w/ H.N.I.C
Chilli of TLC

6. Let the people know what you do? iRap, iProduce, iGhost Write, iDo IT

7. Craziest experience you have encountered while in the game?
Lol One Day We Was In Tha A-CO Mall And Dez Females Came Up To Us Askin Us Fo Our Autographs lol.And Was Acting Like Dey Was Gonna Piss In Dey Pants And Knew erryone Of Our Names But We aint Know Dem lol. Dat Felt Real Good lol

8. Most embarrassing experience you have encountered while in the game?
We Was On Stage (Me, KT and Yung Cee) and Yung Cee Fucked up and quit Rapping And Then told the crowd he fucked up lol it was coo We Still Kill'd it doe!!

9. List some of your influences'?
The Man In The Mirror
Ryan Lesile

10. What are you currently working on?
The New Album and Mixtape:
My Minds Eye: The Album
20/20 The Mixtape

The Album Will Be $5 and The Mixtape will Be with it for free as a gift for the purchase. Sorta Like Buy One Get One Free.

Any Shout outs?
Box Boyz We Here!
G5 Freak Tell Dem Hoes Get Dey Frequent Flyer Mileage Up lol
MY Brothers KT, Rockie, AP, Mysticc, AFox, Lil Bill,Blake ,OB, Myrical Child, Dizz, K Mitch, L Keyz, My Right Hand Man 4'z!Lil Syn, H-Wood.The Whole REAL Box Boyz, SFE & PTE!D Bridge, Dem dyemundz lol and The Whole Elite!!Bellside Til I Drop. 100 yards A second on da Turf!EAZY BRO!!!

Contact info?
www. myspace. com/nsanethakid
www. myspace. com/asylumsoundz
www. myspace. com/boxboyz303

For Business and Booking:
303-995-2519 Bryan Johnson

Send all music, video, pics, Flyers to Boxstatemusic@yahoo.com

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Box State Music Profile Dent ,Tone Skarfo Video, F.O.E Live @ Monkey Mania, Who's Getting up in 2009, Last wall painted of 2008

Dent-Do It Like This

Box State Music Hip Hop Blog


1. Name? DENT
3. Where are you from? NORTH DENVER
4. How long have you been in the game? BEEN REPPIN SINCE '93
5. Who are some artist you have gotten down with outside your crew/label?
I work with anyone passionate enough who is focusing on there craft and making good Hip-Hop music. From Colorado Hip-Hop's, I've gotting down w/ some dope C.O. reppers.. Distrakt, SP Double, The Procussions, O.N.E. Infinite Mindz, Jewell Tyme, Rrahh Foundashun, On-point, LettLoose, D.O. the Fablous Drifter, Ground Zero Movement, JOE THUNDER,ES-NINE C1, MIC Coats, Mass prod. Noel Zancanella, Surpass flavor.and many more,
..on a national tip, I've worked w/ Supernatural, C-Rayz Walz, Swollen Members, San Quinn, DJ Maseo from De La Soul, One Be Lo, J-Rawls, Count Bass D

6. Let the people know what you do?.

Well..I'm a Conversational Giant, A MC/HIP-HOP DAD.. who is a advocate for the culture and the community, and a Big Hip-Hop Head.. I love diggin' for records and making dope timeless Hip-Hop for your system..

7. Craziest experience you have encountered while in the game?...
Craziest Times is probably traveling w/ Supernatural on a few shows for The Rock the Bell Tour last year, a once in a lifetime experience . Plus a Denver kid, traveling to London to create and make music with US3 in '05..Crazy Good times!

8. Most embarrassing experience you have encountered while in the game?..humm gotta say..i dunno..I'm pretty wild and zany, pretty outta the norm. for the most part, always left brain thinking, buggin out and having fun. I usually create some embarrassing times for myself, every time, I'm out. It's really not embarrassing for myself, but maybe at times, embarrassing for the people i am around. Like I always say..'The Different between me and a MADMAN, is that I'm not MAD'!

9. List some of your influences’?..
-Really Life influences me, for me to express different emotions through my music, up's and down's, trial and tribs. from my kids to my family, I try and seek out good vibes on a daily and continue moving forward in positive directions no matter what life adversities I am facing at that moment in my life. I keep my balance and push my views through my music. As far as MC's go, my favorite MC's are..in no type of order:.Big Daddy Kane, Pharaoh Monach, Aceyalone, Kool Keith, Afrika Sam, Bumpy Chill, Skillz, Kool G Rap, Rakim...just to name a view

10. What are you currently working on?...
-I just finished up releasing my first LP..'Confi'DENT' in March, a collection of music I have made over a 5 year term. I've been traveling and rocking shows promoting the project, as well as giving up many, many FREE Downloads of the LP. I'm currently back in the lab, working on my next single, going to pressed on wax, with my boy Noel Zancanella..called
'EarthQuakin'...don't zzzZzZ..we back for some more!

Any Shout outs? Shout outs goes to BOXSTATE HIP-HOP for the love on the blog, everyone who is reppin' Colorado Hip-Hop or there block. Every one that has a voice and is expressing it through Hip-Hop. We all can't speak the same language, it's a each one teach one.. keep doing what you do, and keep it True, and simply do you..remember...'When the passion dies, the music dies'KEEP ON ROCKIN IT!


Last wall painted in 2008
Painted Dec/31, 2008 pic by JoeThunder




F.O.E. LIVE @ Monkey Mania

FOE Live Monkey Manic


Go to http://coloradorapreport.blogspot.com/ To check out Exclusive Tone Skarfo Interview

Who's is Getting up in 2009
pic by JoeThunder







Ham/ Koze















Hip-Hop Congress Open circle in denver