Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jolt In His Own Words, New Music Karma, Don Blas, MDz, Mr. Verbal Music Profile,

Jolt In His Own Words

Jolt Interview w/ JoeThunder Box State Music EXCLUSIVE Topics include DenverGraffiti, Life Krew, The Early Days, The Kids, & GuerillaGarden 52 min



Karma- Chevy Music EXCLUSIVE

Don Blas-4get About It

MDz-My Duds


All Flicks Taken By JoeThunder

Box State Music Hip Hop Blog


1. Name? Mr. Verbal

2. Label/ Crew? Street Philosafee

3. Where are you from? Brooklyn/ Denver

4. How long have you been in the game? 11yr.

5. Who are some artist you have gotten down with outside your crew/label? JoeThunder, Status, Timbuk, Citric Metranome, Selector Sam, Reu1, Charlie Chizzrl, Tetra

6. Let the people know what you do? I am a Mc that Rap and sell Cd's

7. Craziest experience you have encountered while in the game? Sneaking on to the Jedi & NonFiction and performinga song.

8. Most embarrassing experience you have encountered while in the game? Performing for nobody, just the people that work there

9. List some of your influences’? Kool G Rap, Biggie, Tribe

10. What are you currently working on? 3 Cd's

Any Shout outs? Joe Thunder, Street Philosafee

Contact info? www.myspace.com/mr.verbal.com

My 2 Cent

It’s been Cold as funk the last couple of days but you know we gotta keep it moving… Much love & respect to everyone who has been getting down, showing me the way, & believing in me… Did some dope interviews this week with Jolt, Earl Gray V, & Morning Star thanks Fam(plenty of more to come). Got the chance to see Hise , Shoe & Koze get down on a wall up on Feds (They had to fix it)… These guys are dope what up Keyz & Kier????? I wanna send a shout out to Q Salazar Colorado Hip Hop blog are Colorado Rap Up thanks for the love!!!! Also My boy Karma (T.E, JTM) gotta a new Cd out called Barack O'Karma Street Politics and the shit is sweet, check out one of my favorite tracks on the blog Chevy music something to ride to (what up to the rest of the Fam JTM) … Big up’s to my boy Mr. Verbal always showing love Thanks Bro… Tune in every week new music , new pics , new everything … Don’t forget to tell a friend so he or she can tell a friend about boxstatemusic.com. The Best and latest in Box State Hip Hop… SUPPORT THIS MOVEMENT!!!!!! See you in the lanes… Time to go get my workout on…


Christina said...

Jolt interview was tight. Nice to know the history of Life Krew.

Chevy Music....what can I stay - The beat is FIRE and Karma(love his voice)comeS super tight....Like always!!!

The Don Blas and MDZ tracks were coo

The Denver Graffiti sceen is on point!!

Mr Verbal = Dedication.

Mane Rok said...

Well-lets just put some facts out there:

1. LIFECrew-don't know how much Theme had to do with the beginning as he wasn't bombing too much at that time. (Except it will be said-Theme was one of the most influential folks on all of our graff-he started BUS which was basically all us plus Dent and Scribe.)
I would give it to Skape and Jolt.
OThers bombed the crew name...without putting them selves out first.
First 5 were
Noose (not much of a bomber-but focused on his DJ shit...AWHAT!)

Theme and Gunther B left the crew at best because of me.

and a whole slew of others stopped repping because of Jolt and their personal probs.

(the Chi writers stopped because he left tho-NOT because OF him.)

JOlt stopped being down because OUR egos clashed-he thought I was trying to take his shine whereas I just knew he could do better.
Knowing Jolt as well as I do, that is the one thing I came to grips with. Our egos are the same and sometimes dont mix too well.

Medz stopped repping because he was just about graff-wasn't about the music so much.

Jolt started KUV there in after.
That fell apart.

Was in TKO.
Got booted out.

You see the pattern?

InkLine and I met thru DJ DIREKT AKA Kez AKA Mine.
JOlt and I met Kez at the same time at the Penn St Garage wall. Kicked with him while he lived here.
Kez brought InkLine thru the studio. That is that.

I know you are reading this Jolt...so as much as you wanna place blame on me for some things...it is what it is.

In light of recent incidents tho, I really didn't wanna put this out there, but had to. This is all petty and old.
Like you said...saying what you believe is truth won't effect me-my grind is mine and has been-just like yours is yours.
Nothing is gonna stop that.
But facts...those need to be put out there.
Petty or not.

Best of luck to you and your family. My prayers are with them.

~ Hollywood ~ said...

T.E / Jewell Tyme Music in the building !
Shout out to my Thugga...BARACK OKARMA and the rest of the JTM fam !
Pick up that new Mix Tape : “Street Politics” ~
Karma is bringing it back to the BLOCK !
Youll hear this bumpin in a hood near you !
“since hip hop is dead, welcome to real rap !”
Also check out the latest JTM comp:
“Music Money and Roundtables” ~ in a store near you

F.O.E and JTM opening for Nappy Roots on February 18th at The Marquis Theatre !
See you there ~ come holla at your FWG !

Shout out to MDz / Bowa Music and Don Blas ~ keep pumpin’ out those hot tracks !

Mr. Verbal...man that dude can slang some cds ! Real shit ! ! I know you seen him !
Keep grindin bro ! ~

Cant forget my graffiti artists – DOPE shit ! Keep taggin up the city – we see you !


That’s all for now ~ you know where to find me ! ~ lol ~ HOLLA ! www.myspace.com/heathermack44

Aka ~ Hollywood ~

~ Hollywood ~ said...

ONE MORE THING...special thanks to DJ Tense (LIFE Crew)! Good looking on the Street Politics mix tape : cut and scratched by the one and only DJ Tense ! Please FORGIVE me for not shouting you out in the previous comment ! ~ lol ~ What up ManeRok and Inkline ! See you at Benders on February 6th ~ everyone is invited and welcome to come party with us ! !

That is really ALL for now ;-}

mane rok said...

@ Hollywood...thanks!


The hardest grind in the city...hands down.

JoeThunder said...

Big ups to Verbal we did a little interview last night that was funny as fuck.....

JoeThunder said...

Almost forgot U can catch Mr. Verbal on Colfax & Broadway or at Independent records slanging them cd's, and you know he's got that JoeThunder shit.....

Anonymous said...

Jolt is always a good dude whenever we bump into each other it's all love... good people in my book... easy to build with to....

KARMA is the man Joe Thumder put me up on him when I did my boxstate interview... I was sold right away...

Anonymous said...

jolt = biggest cherry

Ackshunn said...

PREACH passed away last night. R.I.P. One artist 2 another.