Thursday, May 28, 2009

Haven , FOE, B Blacc, Street Philosaphee, JoeThunder, SelectorSam

Haven/ Fire Off The Side Show

FOE & B Blacc Return Of The Drama Kings MixTape
Mixed JoeT & Select S Mastered By JoeThunder & Selector Sam

FOE/ J Money Maze, Mac Beez, Savier/ Another Day 1

Street Philosaphee Special Addiction Mix Tape
Mixed By JoeT & SelectorS Mastered by JoeThunder & Selector Sam

One Blunt -Street Philosaphee f/ Tetra
Comming Soon:
Blacc & Deca
B Bacc MixTape
I Got What You Need Part 2
Best Of JoeThunder & Selector Sam 1 & 2
Money & Haven We Flippin The Script
& much much more

"Can't Stop Won't Stop"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Go nuggets

Kenyon Martin, on defense, matchups and physical play

Carmelo Anthony, on a better Nuggets attitude

Chauncey Billups, on Denver's defense and desire

Denver Nuggets Fear No One

Carmelo Anthony, on Kobe Bryant

Why Carmelo Will Win The NBA Title

I Had To post this it's funny as Funk!!!!!

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Never get on stage and flash money in the face of Pitbull. FAN FAIL

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dj Quote, La La, Super Natural, Red Cafe, RA The Rugged Man , Chub Rock

Quote Exposes Yung Berg Gives Out His Phone

LaLa (Carmelo Anthony's Wife) Gets Heated After Racial Taunts

Super Nat Freestyle

Joe T's picks of the week

Red Cafe - Cory Gunz Freestyle

Exclusive: Red Cafe 'Pop Champagne' Freestyle

RA The Rugged Man - Lessons

Chubb Rock - Treat 'Em Right

FYI I have been showing alot of people love on this blog but yet they don't return the favor!!!! So until people start returning the favor I'm gonna post thing that intrest me... You can expect Dope Interviews , A ton of graffiti, videos like Ra and Red Cafe, And local music I' m feeling... So get your shit straight if you wanna get on ( who would'ent want free promo????)... And to all my people that do support I got you thanks for the love and support I know who you are. JoeThunder