Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Burners 4 Days Koze , Baer, Kier, Bosk, Jher, Jolt, Emit, Act, Swek & More, War 4 Trailer

War 4 Trailer

Big Up to the Homie!!!!
All Flicks Taken By JoeThunder


Anonymous said...

That Shit is BURNING!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

dudes tried to beat me up last night after the jive set. it was weak. who reps weak?
tryin to be a gentlemen to the cats at that shop is a waste of time. mfkr has everything and still has jealousy and hate for me.
How sad is that. I will never be afraid of or respect what that crew does. Im yer devil, You dont wanna paint me, you wanna kill me. See you in your nightmares you front!
dont matter how much you get up you will never get over me. It's in your heart to lose to me.

confront me anytime

let the hate flow u fkn worm!