Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Break Mechanics Reunion @ Toolies Flicks & Music From Break Mechanics 2004

"THIS is hip hop."
- KRS-1

Break Mechanics is a hip hop crew getting a lot of attention in Denver's underground hip hop community. Their music is a combination of many styles but stays true to the roots of hip hop, with drums, bass and keyboards backing live MCs.

Break Mechanics have held long-time residencies at Denver clubs and performed with Blackalicious, Slick Rick and KRS-1.

The foundation of Break Mechanics is a wide range of musical experience and styles. Daren Hahn (drums) has played with Ani DiFranco, the Eels and Geggy Tah. Casey Sidwell (bass) plays with Denver-based Future Jazz Project, which also features MC Paas on the mic. Greg Raymond (keys) has toured extensively with the Motet from Boulder.

Break Mechanics-Listen

Break Mechanics-Nanzenji

Break Mechanics- Bow To This

Break Mechanics-3 m.c.s

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