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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Music UmConscious, Tytanik, Ze, Flicks by Hise, Shoe, Koze, Kovet, Act, Acee, Baer, Jive, Big Wheel & Dent, Haven Profile


UmConscious-The Avenue

Tytanik- Ric Flair (Whoo)

Ze feat. Dyalekt- I Got This

New Flicks




Double D, Baer,Act, Acee








All Flicks Taken By JoeThunder

Box State Music Hip Hop Blog


1. Name? Haven

2. Label/ Crew? Jewell Tyme Music

3. Where are you from? A -Town

4. How long have you been in the game? 2002

5. Who are some artist you have gotten down with outside your crew/label? K.G, Julox, MDz, SlimTone, L. Keys

6. Let the people know what you do? I’m more than an average Colorado rapper Moer depth, more lyrics, and U will actually have to listen.. If your looking for shit you can listen to over and over, check me out.

7. Craziest experience you have encountered while in the game? Craziest shit to date was the David banner show in Des Moinies, IA. Biggest crowd I’Ve ever done, and they was feeling Dever Niggas. We got the whole treatment groupies & all!!!!

8. Most embarrassing experience you have encountered while in the game? Nothing yet, thank god.

9. List some of your influences’? Jay-Z, Tupac, Big, lupe fiasco, Tech 9, Wu –Tang, Nas, E-40, Chino XL, Snoop Dogg

10. What are you currently working on?
Side Show Pt 1-Mixtape
Long time Coming- Debut
Tombstone- Collab w/ Meez
Side show Pt2- Mixtape

Any Shout outs?

Contact info?

Dentroxxx w/ Big Wheel@Appaloosa

Earl-Grey-V Not Guilty


My 2 Cents….

What’s good Mile High City sorry I’m a day late on this weeks post but I had some crazy flicks from the last couple of weeks I wanted to get up… I hit everyone up last week for music and received some really good stuff so I wanna say thanks, for those of you who said you got me I’m Still waiting….. I posted some bangers by UmConscious, Tytanik, and Ze f/ Dyalekt this week so check them out … Also gotta give it up to my Boyz Hise and Shoe (TKO) I keep seeing more and more of these guys pieces around the city THERE STRAIGHT BOMBING like Shoe says CANT STOP WONT STOP … What up to Kovet , Act, & Jive they got they’re paint on the other day in the Eastside check out the flicks… You gotta see the collab Baer, Act, & Acee did downtown near park ave Barack(by Double D) is in the house... Also wanna shout out all the other writers in the city doing it big I see you.... Congrats to my boy Earl Grey V he went to court last week on some bull shit and his peers found him NOT GUILTY , I have a sweet interview with him coming up next week…Anyone out there booking shows if you have any spots open holla at me I wanna get my boy Haven from JTM hooked up with you his live performance is off the hook… Also Check out Big Wheel & Dent performing on the regular at Appaloosa(16th and Welton Downtown) every Tuesday. If your in the lanes and your near the Platt River by Mississippi check out all the pieces along the river heads been getting up. Kinda looks like one of A.I or Melos arms the way that bitch is tat’ed up….Finally I just started a email list so hit me up with it, also send all music, pics, flyers to To all my people stay up and keep doing it big… JoeT


ZOME said...

"you say you spend good ..HAHA ..we spen better"

Big up to ZE and Dyalekt

Mane Rok said...


~ Hollywood ~ said...

I GOT THIS ! ! ! ! Whats up Mile High City ?! Haven THE GREAT ... no shout outs my brother ?! ~ lol ~ JEWELL TYME ! ! ~ Watch out for those mix tapes - they are FIRE !

Hope to see everbody at The Nappy Roots concert on February 18th at The Marquis Theatre - come see why Jewell Tyme Music was voted Denver's BEST Hip Hop label !

aka ~ Hollywood ~