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Monday, February 16, 2009

Fresh Breath Committee Live Walnut Room 2/4/9 New Music Debajo del Agua, Likker Cats, Blaze, Mane Rok Profile, Dope Flicks by Acee, Voice & More


Fresh Breath Committee Live Walnut Room Denver, Co 2/14/09
I'll Be adding my own flicks tonight so for now I just jacked one thanks ww

Right Direction
Keepin It Classic
Catch Lungs Acceppella
Why They Do What They Do

Flawless Acceppella
The Last Scrolls
Purpose Acceppella
The Rawness
Kontrast Acceppella
Rewind( Do You Remember)

New Music

Debajo del Agua-Arabeton

Likker Cats- Head First

Blaze F/ Trey Songs

Upcomming Show

Box State Music Hip Hop Blog

1. Name?ManeLine (filled out by Mane Rok 1/3 of the group)
2. Label/ Crew? LIFEcrew
3. Where are you from? Capital D
4. How long have you been in the game? Well, I looked at it as a game from about 95-2004, since then tried to view it more as business.

5. Who are some artist you have gotten down with outside your crew/label?

F.O.E. of Jewell Tyme, Geologic (of Blue Scholars), Isolated Mind(Producer), Pablo Kee (Of Debajo Del Agua), A.V.I.U.S. (of 3 The Hardway/House of Waxx Records), Whygee, Infinite Mindz, Spoke in Wordz, Playalitical, Venus Cruz (of Future Jazz Project), Yosef Una (Producer),

6. Let the people know what you do?
Mane Rok-I MC and handle business
InkLine-MC’s and produces/engineers
DeeJay Tense-…well, DJ’s

7. Craziest experience you have encountered while in the game?
Hmmm….prolly having all these DU chicks wylin’ out trying to pull us off stage. Almost did too.

8. Most embarrassing experience you have encountered while in the game?
Petty beefs with even more petty individuals.

9. List some of your influences’?
Lords of The underground
Tha Pharcyde
Mad Skillz
Mixmaster Mike
The list goes on and on…

10. What are you currently working on?
Just finished our new album “…& Sew Its Seams” due out Oct. Working on “Rok Stars” mixtape with DJ AWHAT!! of the Pirate Signal (mane Rok)
InkLine mixtape “Vice Verses” and an untitled DeeJay Tense mixtape.

Any Shout outs?
TO the whole LIFECrew.
House of Waxx Familia
Jewell Tyme
Radio Bums
Debajo Del Agua
Isolated Mind
Likker Cats
And anyone putting in that work!

Contact info?

Dope Flicks

My 2 Cents:
What’s good Mile High City? Once again were hitting you with another Fresh post here at… Were starting off w/ a live set From the Fresh Breath Committee that took place at the Walnut Room in Denver, CO this past Saturday 2/14/09… This was the first time I seen them Live and they killed it.. Most of the time I lose interest in longer sets but they pulled it off quite nice. Accapellas by each member of the of the Crew was a nice touch (Catch Lungs Killed Em). Big up’s to everyone who preformed that night. I’ ve been getting a lot of new music form kats so peep new shit from Debajo del Agua, Likker Cats, & Blaze f/ Trey Songs. Good looks for the music PablOkee, Grizz , & Blaze. Grizz wanted me to mention the new mix Coming out soon Grizz & Heretic present Riddlesquad: Get right Music feel free to hit them on the myspace (Google Likker Cats myspace)… If you aren’t doing shit 2marrow night go check out Jewell Tyme Music, Isolated Generations & Sub opening for The Nappy Roots at The Marquis Theatre… It should be Caliente!!! If your looking for free music hit up myspace I seen links for a couple of new mix tapes(from local Djs) also there is a link on the Colorado Rap Report to download the new Maneline Cd.. To all the writers out there ya’ ll no what’s up I’m sure you about the new guys from out of town…Keep your eyes open, watch your legal pieces, and remember any one can check out myspace. That said it’s about that time to get out of herrrrrr.. Next week I have an interview w/ Morning Star and believe me you DON’T wanna miss it…

Box State Music


Anonymous said...

Fresh Breath is Dope.

nomanee said...

hell yea they sound like a creative group of mcs..

Anon (Just Like You) said...

FLAWLESS: STOP POSTING COMMENTS AS OTHER PEOPLE like you're foolin somebody... It doesn't make you look good, it makes you look like a fuckin idiot. And if you're going to, at least make some comments about something else besides just your wack ass group so that maybe somebody thinks you're real. Stupid ass.

Anonymous said...

LOOK like SOMEone IS HATIN just A little BIT.

Anon (Just like Flawless) said...

Looks like someone is bitter. So shut the hell up Flawless.

Fo Boy said...

Anon can eat a fat dick, wit ya hatin ass. go do somethin wit ya life besides hate, pussy.

Fo boy said...

this crew WILL SHRED YOU.........

Christina said...

I ABSOLUTLY LOVE....Right Direction!!! People can hate all they want but this track is dope!!!!!!!!

Flawless of On Point said...

Bitter fans of other groups who hate our group, crack me the fuck up. I have no need to post anonymous. We have supporters who do that for us lol. Fo Chief is the man...

Flawless of On Point