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Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Flicks by Kier, Juge, Poe ,RTDK & More, Url-Grey-V Exclusive Interview, Chase Da Cat Profile , New Music Morning Star, Growhouse, Babah/Wird

New Flicks










ALL Flicks Taken By JoeThunder

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW JoeThunder & Url-Grey-V Chop it up..

JoeThunder Interview w/ Url-Grey-V aka TuWayne Topics Include Life, The Fly, Makin Moves in The Mile High ,& Freestylen w/ TuWayne

Box State Music Hip Hop Blog


Blind by Bizzy Bone Produced By Chase Da Cat

1. Name? Chasedacat

2. Lable/ Crew? Chasedacat productionz

3. Were Are U From? Denver,CO

4. How long have U been in the game? 20 years

5. People you have gotten down with outside your Crew/Label???I have
worked with artsist such as Bizzy Bone Coocoo Cal Bun-B and Scarface
and Bush wick Bill

6. Let the people know what you do?
Im a music producer/writer

7. Craziest experience you have encountered while in the game? …
Stole a mansion to record a music video with Bizzy Bone
8. Most embarrassing experience you have encountered while in the game?
Took off in a limo with out the artist didn’t find out until we got
to the venue!

9. List some of your influences’? Anybody who gets down in this game

10. What are you currently working on? Currently working on a
compilation featuring Denver artists

Any Shout outs?
Big shot out to JKAT designs F.O.E and the Jewell time fam
Bone thugs fam Mo thugs fam and the 303
My artist JDMAC in Miami,FL

New Music

Morining Star f/ M6 -The Streets

Mike Wird, BabahFly, Sami, Aja-Amahjid

Amer Weez & Cay Co Of GROWHOUSE-Real Life


JoeThunder said...

What's good this is your boy JoeThunder once again everyone is to cool to leave feedback on the blog.. Pretty sad shit.. Big up's to my Sis & Mane because they are some of the only people who get on here and leave comments.. I know everyone is on here every week checking shit out so would it hurt to leave some feedback for artist or even for the site... Let me know how I can make it better.... All it takes is a sec of your time( I'm talking to everyone from fans to artist)..So I'm start it off

Dope pics
Kier Your a Beast
Talk about getting up Arsen and Pogoe thats high as fuck kinda like me...
Juge piece is sweet , I thought the Po was gonna sweat me when I was taking the pic almost had to get my run on yea right...

I had fun doing the interview with TyWayne .. It's good shit...

If you don't know about Chase Da Cat he is triple triple OG in the Denver Hip Hop Game he has heat for days ... I was at 800 and he was over there playing beats, it seemed like every beat he played was a banger. U need to holla at him 4sho...

As for the music

MS track was dope He got flow

Wird/Babah Amajid was a cool track Mike told me Amajid means most glorious illustrious in arabic.
and the Growhouse track was cool as well can't wait to hear some Niek and Manifest ...

Big up's to everyone supporting

More Dope interviews comming up
Morning Star
Mr. Verbal
Yonnas and list goes on and on..

It don't hurt to show a little support.. Real Talk


Christina said...

Juge and Rsen always come tight!!!

That Arsen/Posoe pic is way the funk up there!!

Url-Grey-V is definately a character. I remenber seeing the Fly @ the Slick Rick concert - Some Dope Shit!!!

Bizzy Bone/Chase Da Cat track was coo!

Morning Star...NICE!!!

Could not get the Mike Wird, BabahFly, Sami, Aja-Amahjid or Amer Weez & Cay Co Of GROWHOUSE-Real Life to play....whats up with that??????

Anonymous said...

Yo that Url Grey V Guy is off the hook . how can i get down with a intervu???????

Anonymous said...

that aint juge that says suge