Monday, April 20, 2009

Box State Music Business Profile Certified Customs

Box State Music Business Profile:
Always Support Colo. Business

Business Name? Certified Customs

Owner? Yayo

Location? 120 South Broadway

Phone #? 720-366-6925

What type of service do you provider? Piercing and Tattoos/ Custom Apparel, Graff Supplies

Hours of Operations? Monday -Sunday 12Noon to 10pm

Contact Info: CertifiedCustoms

Certified Customs

Custom Tee's

Custom Tatts

Custom Tatts

Custom Kicks

Custom Kicks

Custom Kicks

Holla at Yayo For that Dope Gear!!!! Going foward I'm start doing things alittle Different, I will be adding new content every day M-F . Instead of one big post every week I will be doing 4 to 5 post a week.. So be sure to check out every day...

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