Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Deca From Co To L.A

JoeThunder Sits down with Deca In Town for The Day From L.A Yonnas is in the Background Wild N Out Bouncing a ball.

Deca Sick Flow

Tom Green rappin with Deca

Deca-JoeThunder/ Selector Sam Exclusive Off Blacc & Deca

Deca-JoeThunder /Selector Sam Exclusive Off Blacc & Deca

Good Luck N L.A Bro.....


Anonymous said...

Deca's off the chains. Cant wait to hear that Black and Deca shit. When is it comming out?

Anonymous said...

yep i hear what dca sayin. I agree with a lot of what he's sayin and the rythmz are pretty nice. It would be smooth to have someone who can do a good job representin Denco styles. Maybe some of that trickle down game will sprinkle and we can build a solid economy for the artists and fans. We can finish what wuz started here and put Denver on the globe in a MAJOR MAJOR way. No ceiling! Like Invesco. No limit to how high we can take it.

like tina turner sayz "you better be good to me" ;)


Anonymous said...

Dope shit keep up the good work..