Sunday, July 12, 2009

8ight Tha Sk8 Local Appreciation Day, Aires Jackson, Lenny Lenn, Lil Trouble, Jay Money, Tytanik, Rockie,Dyalekt ,Whygee

Killa brew Screenworks, 8ight Tha Sk8, Denver's Finest & Angelo's CD's & More present..... Local Appreciation Day @ Angelo's CD's & More In Aurora, CO. On June 20, 2009.

First Single off of Aires Jackson 2 Years and a Day Directed, Edited by Leonard Jackson Camera Ryan Mcnurney for more music check out:

Joe Thunder Chilling with Lil Trouble Part 2 Exclusive J Money Mayes, Feve, Baby Pooh ( Kampain Music)

New Music

Tytanik "Crack Time pt.4

Rockie - loaded

Dyalekt _ Lil Ceej - Polish My Wings

New Whygee Blogspot.

if you find a little time check it out.
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Anonymous said...

Looks like Lenny-Lenn found something he's good at cause his rapping sucks LOL

Lenny-Lenn said...

Thanks ANON I'm glad you think I'm good at something. I think it's funny how most of the people who think my rapping sucks are "so called" rappers who actually try to rap.

Anonymous said...

Why U wanna player hate on me?