Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You Decide F.O.E or Vonny Loc

The First 48 Vonny Loc

Taking a shit...Oh yea and reviewing First 48

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Dj Unison said...

honestly I think the list (5280 awards) is complete bullshit (no disrespect to any artist nominated)

ppl who I believe deserve the nomination who are already on the list - (interstate ike / foodchain / soulciety/800/b blacc/young doe)

The marketing on this award was not done strategically enough to have any serious credibility! Who nominated these ppl? What is the nomination based off of? Was there a vote? Was the general public involved on nomination?

Almost all (*not all*)of these ppl I see on the bill never get any concerts/do all of these artist have pressed "actual" products that are in "stores" selling units? (NOT MIXTAPES). Im fishing for reasons to believe in these nominated artists, but cannot find any legit basis on the list. (and dont try and say that they are OG and they been reppin 303 forever.. blah blah bro, the real fact is that the "Public" needs a factual reason to believe in this award show, and we aren't buying it.

My problem with this is, it seems like someones behind the scenes of this award event smoke screening other credible artists that deserve to be at least mentioned.

Thanks for reading,
DJ Unison
Unify Hip Hop!!

p.s. Do I really need to mention the diss track. Its a discgrace to hip hop!!!!! That is all...