Tuesday, February 2, 2010

F.O.E Free Format Download & American Trash Republic Scumbags Download, Turner Jackson's The Ninja & TheMetatron

What's good y'all here are a couple of links to download some new mixtapes The Format by F.O.E & Dj A-What & The Scumbags mixtape by American Trash Republic... Also Check out a few tracks off of Turner Jackson's & Dj Sd New mixtape The Ninja & TheMetatron.... For all y'alll out there putting out mix tapes it would be in yur best interest to get them mastered it makes a world of differences... I can Master yur cd or mxtape for $50 and believe me it will sound 100 time better and bump ,i can usually have it done for you in a couple of days. I master Turner Jackson nw mixtape so peep it .. So Holla boxstatemusic@yahoo.com..


This Is A Free Event

The Format Mixtape

Download Format Mixtape

The Ninja & TheMetatron

Clap Your Hands

The Winners Team

Scumbags Mixtape

Download Scumbags Mixtape

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Seen this shit on the late night tip(1:49am) Brand New Lucky Luciano-Global Pimpin H Town
He's spittin some real shit....


Concept Oner said...

in case u are wondering the American Trash Republic - Scumbags mixtape IS mastered! I dunno who's isn't but get it right 2010! ATRmy! We dropped 3 Mixtapes this year ALREADY!!! Killing THIS SHIT!!

Harleen Quinzell said...

Please just let me kno what the name of that "harley Quinn" song is!!
i swear that is my fuckin theme song!! i been reppin harley since the original batman days! i even got her tatted!
if you could tell me the name of that song, along with some lyrics it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!