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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

JoeThunder & Selector Sam Present Blacc & Deca The Lost Tape

Free Download Blacc & Deca

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday August 23, 2010

This long awaited project started out as a mix tape but made its way into a full album years later. Slated to be released in 2007, the B Blacc & Deca venture has overcome many obstacles but is finally ready for release. Joe Thunder and Selector Sam's 6th Project, Blacc & Deca Lost Tape’s intention is to bring together two, very talented emcee's from totally different backgrounds. B Blacc (Dankside) has a street rap style, with an amazing singing voice and Deca(LIFE Crew) uses his intelligence and lyrical ability to reach out to the underground fans. Both emcees step outside of their comfort zone to display their skills in a manner that hasn’t been seen in Colorado, and ultimately gives the listener insight into their respective worlds. The production on Blacc & Deca Lost Tape displays an incredible range of talent, and compliments the emcees perfectly. How can a project so different and important be held hostage for nearly three years; we may never know, but despite the barriers and hardships, this album is now ready for the world, and will show that by coming together, people can move mountains.

Joe Thunder and Selector Sam Present: Blacc & Deca Lost Tape
Download here:

1. Spitting Slick Shit- B Blacc , Deca. Prod. Al Catone
2. Keep It Pushing- B Blacc, Deca. Prod. Task One
3. Destiny- Deca, F.O.E, Karma, B Blacc
4. Time- Deca, B Blacc, F.O.E. Prod. Deca
5. Hit Em High, Hit Em Low- Mezzly, Deca, B Blacc Prod. Flawless
6. D-E-C-A & B-L-A- Double C- Deca, B Blacc Prod. P Sky
7. Try To Get It- Deca, Inkline Prod. Inkline
8. Get Down- Deca
9. Proceed with Caution- Deca, Karma, B Blacc Prod. Task One
10. Why- Deca Prod. Deca
11. Get Loose- Meezly, Jay Money, Blacc Prod. Kevin Pistol
12. It Don't Matter- B Blacc, JimaThiz Prod. Tune One
13. Art of War- B Blacc Prod. Selector Sam
14. Stop It!!!- Deca Prod. Inkline
15. The Bomb- B Blacc, Rie Rie. Prod. P Sky
16. Maintain- B Blacc, F.O.E, 800 The Jewell Prod. Vonny Loc
All Tracks Recorded, Mix, Mastered, and Arranged by JoeThunder & Selector Sam
Except 7,10,14

Album Credits:
Production by : Deca, B Blacc, Vonny Loc, Selector Sam, Al Catone, Flawless, P Sky, Tune 1, J Rev, Sp Double, Inkline

Features: F.O.E, Jay Money Mayes, Karma, 800 the Jewell, Rie Rie, Jima Thiz, Romello, Mezzly, and Inkline.

Recorded, mixed, mastered and arranged by Joe Thunder and Selector Sam.

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