Tuesday, January 11, 2011

BLK S BTFL- EP Release Party Review Box State Music Exclusive

BLK S BTFL- EP Release Party
Saturday, 8 January 2011- 3252 Brighton Blvd

ON the eve of Denver’s first snow storm of 2011, Denver hip-hop fans gathered to celebrate the first EP release of 2011 on Denver’s hip-hop scene. The anticipated release of the new EP BLK S BTFL brought together supporters of Denver hip-hop trio BLK HRTZ; a collaboration of well known local MC’s Yonnas Abraham of The Pirate Signal, Karma of Thunderstorm Ent., and F.O.E. of Jewell Tyme Music. Fans of the three MC’s will first tell you of the unique styles that define each artist and the anticipation has been building as fans waited to encounter the fruits of what is anticipated to be a defining sound in hip-hop, but more importantly, a defining sound of Denver hip-hop.

AS the winter storm gathered over Denver, local heads braved the cold to meet at a rugged, cement and wood venue found in the midst of the urban mass of Globeville. The dark urban setting provided a complementary ambient to the gritty sounds that filled the air as The Pirate Signal took the stage. The lyrical maneuvering of The Pirate Signal over their defining, rock heavy beats was as hypnotic as the snow that began to fall and provided a perfect mood to what was to follow. That mood intensified in step with the storm outside as The Pirate Signal announced for the first time ever “the physical manifestation of BLK HRTZ.” The group took the stage with an intense, dark energy that was a perfect match to the atmosphere of a snowy, dark winter night in the mile high city. BLK HRTZ cohesiveness couldn’t have been better- the gritty sound of Karma, the head spinning flows of F.O.E., and the one of a kind styles in both beats and lyrics brought by Yonnas come together as naturally as the ice that forms on Denver streets. The highlight of the evening came with the single BLK HRT BLK CTY, featuring Catch Lungs of Fresh Breath Committee and Haven the Great of Jewell Tyme Music. The track immediately drew attention with its opening sequence of heavy flows over heavy snare and a gradual increase in intensity. Catch Lungs sprang on stage and absolutely killed the opening verse maxing out the energy in the room. With Catch Lungs passing the baton to Yonnas he raised the energy in the building even further. Before you knew it, the crowd was in a frenzy, screaming the hook as F.O.E. took to the top of the speakers (holding on for dear life) to spit lyrics over the anthem. The song ended with Haven the Great utilizing that energy to spit a double time verse that left the crowd with an intense energy, singing a hook that defined the atmosphere of Denver during our black winter nights.

AT the end of the evening, BLK HRTZ delivered exactly what had been anticipated- a defining sound for Denver Hip Hop. The dark sound, described by the group as “hip-hop with veins of goth,” seemed to be anticipated by Denver itself, as the black clouds of the winter storm gathered overhead on the night of its release. In the end, BLK S BTFL couldn’t have been released on a more perfect night. The identity of Denver hip-hop continues to be defined, and without a doubt that identity can be found in BLK HRTZ new EP BLK S BTFL.

Inside Track: For a sample of BLK HRTZ new EP BLK S BTFL visit blkhrts.bandcamp.com

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