Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Aerosol Alchemists, Wizard Of Odd, Understream, Kanz89, Cope2, Maneline, Solitude, I.D.P, Julox, Hypnautic

Box State Music EXCLUSIVE by Kanz89

Aerosal Alchemists, KD ( From Top To Bottom) Each, Kanz89, Wizer, Cope2, KD, Dreads Located on 11th & Santa Fe N The Alley.(All pictures taken by JoeT)

Wizard of Odd... Lead by Wizer, Contributors include Dread, Lemon, Kanz89, Each, Gropes, Diet (I was there rolling and smoking blunts)Colfax & Park Ave. All Pictures Taken by JoeT

Joethunder Interview w/ Kanz89 & Lemon From A2

Go Pick Up The latest copy of the Understream @ Independent Record Colfax and Ogden F/ Doe, Morning Star, & much much more.. If your looking to advertise or place an add in the next issue of The Understream hit us up at Boxstatemusic@yahoo.com for prices...

New Music in The Streets(from L to R) Maneline/& Sew Its Seams, JoeThunder/ I Got What U Need, Dent/ Confi-Dent, I.D.P Presents/ Pure Production 4 Da Masses, Shoota & Julox/ Dirty Ridin, Scandalous Ent./ Beneath Tha Streets

Solitude F/ Dent Since Day 1 off I.D.P Comp.

The Struggle Maneline Ft. F.O.E

Shoota, Julox, Spade-Dirty Riding

Keeping It REal-Hypnautic F/Gamerlife

Kanz89 He just painted this a few weeks ago

Send All Music, Video, Pictures, Flyers to Boxstatemusic@yahoo.com (Thanks To Dyalekt 4 The dope flyer)


Christina said...

Kanz89 does some dope shit!!!!!

Christina said...

Wizer is dope too!!
Where do you find these pieces???

Selector Sam said...

nice stuff for sure. good flics that you have been taking.

KANZ89 said...



John said...

dope blog joe t, Kanz89 knows how to murder a wall.. in a good way!!

~ Hollywood ~ said...

Kanz...MAN, that dude is FRESH ! His work is off the chain ! ! What up bro ?!

Whats up all my CO artists?! Keep the tracks coming !

"I rep Denver like Im best friends with Elway" ... you like that huh ?! LOL ! ~ HAD TO steal(that sounds BAD...okay borrow) that one ! Thanks to the "godfather" BARACK OKARMA ! ! ! !

Go grab that new Jewell Tyme Music release : "Music Money and Round Tables" in stores now ! +
watch out for Karma's "Street Politics", Haven The Great's "The Side Show" and F.O.E and B Blacc's "Return of the Drama Kings" COMING SOON !

~ Jewell Tyme Music ! ! ~

Shout out to Joe Thunder...the blog is looking good ! Keep up the good work ;-}

~ Hollywood ~

Colorado, Stand Up! | COStandUp.com said...

Good shit! Kanz is dope.

Check out the unofficial forum for BoxStateMusic.com at http://forum.costandup.com/index.php?board=18.0

Keep up the sick ass updates!

JoeThunder said...

Thanks To Everyone who helped out JoeT

Box State Music said...

If Your looking For contact info for any artist simply go to the myspace www.myspace.com/boxstatemusic Look in the top friends or
Google their name..

And SORRY there in no offical or unofficial forum for BoxStateMusic.com !!!!!

Its just Boxstatemusic.com !!!!
Believe Dat!!!

B Blacc said...

B Blacc yo boy the ripper the DANKSIDE RIDA RIDA! reppin for the town. I am the begotten!!