Monday, November 3, 2008

New Cd's, Jher. Act, Fast4ward, J Money, Vajra, Tetra, Gamer Life , On Point

New Music In The Streets

(L to R)The Pirate Signal- Of Gods and Gangsters Vol. 1, Jewell Tyme Music- Music, Money & RoundTables, Outo The Lerical- Outo Pilot, WhatItIs- Volume 1, F.O.E- King Of The Mountain, Gamer Life- Famished, Tetra Crew- What Is A Tetrahedron

WhatItIs - Money Mouf

J Money Maze/ Mac Beez, F.O.E.- Getting My money

Gamer Life- Dropped Out

Tetrahedron-This Is Denver

Dope Wall Eastside Denver, Co 2008
All Pic's Taken By JoeThunder

Fast4ward & Dj Vajra

Jewell Tyme Music Cd Release Party

Jewell Tyme Music Cd Release Party

On Point LIVE Monkey Mania

Box State Music Hip Hop Blog
Name? SpDouble

Label/ Crew? Boostwell/LostGems/Boxstate Clothing

Where are you from? Denver

How long have you been in the game? 12 years

Who are some artist you have gotten down with outside your crew/label? Ive gotten down with almost every artist in Denver on some level or another. Outside of Denver I've worked with
Strong Arm Steady(blacksmith/warner bros.), Dirty Birdy(I.E.), Focus(A-Fam/Aftermath)
Copywrite(ODOT), MainFlow(WannaBattle) and alot more...

Let the people know what you do? Graffitti writer turned Emcee, Producer, Engineer, Tattoo shop owner/artist(303Ink),
Run a clothing company(Boxstate), shoot and edit video, Ghostwrite/Produce etc. Holla at me!!!

Craziest experience you have encountered while in the game? Writing, Producing, Engineering, Mixing, co Mastering, Designing and Marketing my Debut album (Change The Station) myself.

Most embarrassing experience you have encountered while in the game? The "Copywrite" Weekend! haha If you were there you know!!!!

List some of your influences'? (Producers) Pete Rock, Jay Dee(RIP) Hi Tek, Dr.Dre, Preemo, Diamon D Beatnutz, Daz Dillanger...
(Emcees) Royce da 5'9, Pharoah Monch, Bishop Lamont, Rass Kass, Eminem, Elzhi...

What are you currently working on? My Mixtape(The Lost Gems Vol.1), My Sophmore album(Loyalty,Honor,Respect) BoxState clothing Season 2,
and alot of SURPRISES!


Contact info?


~ Hollywood ~ said...

Shout out to all my Box State people ! Sweet new tracks and flicks ! Keep up the good work ! J Money Maze / Bank Head / Jewell Tyme Music putting it down like ALWAYS ! New JTM cd : Music Money and Round Tables in a store near you ... shit is FIRE ! ! Thanks for all that came out to the CD release party ! BOX STATE BABY ! oh yea... welcome home Chauncey ! PH reppin ! ! ~ haha ~

Anonymous said...

Aiiight first off just know that Joe Thunder had to write me a personal email to come support the boxstate blog so here I am...

First off please, please, check out the interview I did with Joe Thunder it should answer a lot of the questions that folks have about me(Whygee).

I have a lot of New Shit on the way to be on lookout for like "Suicide Watch" and the Re-Release of my ChumpSin PINK DVD...

Also I want to take this time to shoutout 8token and big FOE sorry I couldn't make it out to the Snake Pit Show...

I guess that's it for now...
Oh yeah if there are any fly women(WOMEN) out there looking to get some dates in... I'm so sick of Colorado Hip Hop I'm puttin my heart back up on market because music aint loving me back like she should... SO... scream at the KID!

Christina said...

Oh my goodness....WhatItIs - Money Mouf - SHIT IS FIRE!!!!