Monday, November 24, 2008

Exclusive Gropes, B Blacc, Miss Solo, Whygee & Sunkenstate, Jolt

Box State Music EXCLUSIVE Blackbook By Gropes

Upcomming Shows

Dec 6, This is gonna Be a Real Dope Event

Dec 12th

Dec 13th

Whygee & Sunkenstate-Good And Bad

Miss Solo -Bang that shit

Celcius-Let it go

B Blacc -Classic

Live @ Brunos, Denver, Co


Box State Music Hip Hop Blog
1. Name? Jolt of The GuerillaGarden

2. Label/ Crew? GuerillaGarden

3. Where are you from? North Denver (La Raza Park)

4. How long have you been in the game? 12 years

5. Who are some artist you have gotten down with outside your crew/label? Lady Pink, The TATS Cru from The Boogie Down BX, Totem2 from Atlanta, The DF Crew, The Dirty30 out of Chicago, and many more cool and respectable artist through out the states....

6. Let the people know what you do?
I'm a graffit writer, fine artist, clothing designer, and community activist

7. Craziest experience you have encountered while in the game?
Jail time, fights, police chases, falling through roof tops of ran down buildings, hiding inches away from a live 3rd rail...all the same stuff most writers deal with.

8. Most embarrassing experience you have encountered while in the game?
My ego don't get in the way and if it ever did to the point where I cared enough to be embarrassed I'd have to say that, that makes me feel embarrassed ......

9. List some of your influences’?

see question 5.

10. What are you currently working on?
The official GuerillaGarden clothing line release, my next art show which will be the biggest yet, various designs for other clothing lines and record labels, actual GuerillaGardens which will serve as city sponsored graffiti parks/ community gardens in the neighborhoods of Denver.

Any Shout outs?
Shout outs seem a bit clich'e to me, but I would like to say to those that are focused on doing something artistic and revolutionary to keep doing your thing and don't loose focus.

Contact info?
myspace. com/guerillagarden

Canvasses by Jolt

GuerillaGarden Appearl by jolt

My 2 Cents …..

What’s good Mile High City just wanna say thanks to everyone getting down with Box State Music… Much love to all the Musicians, Writers, B Boys, Dj, as well as all the people out there supporting this Movement…. A lot of new music has been hitting the streets so make sure to go out and cop that shit (Don’t Sleep) …. Stop by On point’s and Whygee’s my space page they have links up to download there new mix tapes for free.. If your in the lanes keep an eye out for pieces by Hise & Shoe from Tko these guys have been on a mission through out the city Bombing everything sight.. You can see some new shit by these cats as well as some pieces by some RTD heads (Kovet, Diget) along the Platte Rive passed Alameda.. Shouts outs to all the writers getting up in the city (I see them new pieces) Koze, WOE, Waldo, Skae , Kelm & Entso… Keep doing it BIG!!! Don't forget to cope that GuerillaGarden gear from Jolt it's FRESH 2 Def... Last but not least just wanna wish everyone a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving… Send all music, pic’s video, flyers, Blunts, cute Mamacitias and what ever else you can think of to
Thanks, Box State Music
Put Yo Box Up


ILLONE said...

jolt you a hero... yer right the ego is an obstacle to the big picture and what we can accomplish when we unify. Stay strong and set that pace kid!!!


Kid Hum said...

hey thank you box state for posting some of my music

for those that would like to cop the whole album...



Kid Hum

~ Hollywood ~ said...

Whats up Box State ?! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone ! Keep it coming !

That Suicide Watch is the SHIT ! Download and bump that ! The Bruno's show was cracking ! ! and DOPE artwork !

December 15th - F.O.E and Jewell Tyme Music opening for Bone Thugs at The Fox Theatre in Boulder ~ get your tixs at ~ Its gonna be a HOT show, see you there !

MUCH LOVE ! ~ Lets get it CO !

~ Hollywood ~

Kid Hum said...



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