Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Art Of HipHop II ,Yonnas, TKO, Catch Lungs, Waldo, Kovet, Skuz, Funk, MF Two, M6, Get Money, King Tef, Selector Sam, Sid Fly & much much more

Yonnas of The Pirate Signal

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1. Name ? Yonnas Abraham
2. Label/ Crew? The Pirate Signal, Life Crew
3. Where are you from? Denver, Park Hill

4. How long have you been in the game? I have never not been in the Game….

5. Who are some artist you have gotten down with outside your crew/label? Don Blas, Lo, F.O.E

6. Let people know what you do? I make beautiful music

7. Craziest experience you have encountered while in the game? In a life of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, filling out a worksheet about it is pretty weird.

8. Most embarrassing experience you have encountered while in the game?
The first few years were kind of like a blooper real.

9. List some of your influences'? Wu-Tang, Tool Portishead, The Mars Volta, lil Wayne, The Clipse, J- Dilla, Madlib, Movado, Junior Ried, King Tubbly

10. What are you currently working on?
One Alone!!!!! Next spring, summer, or fall!! Small Ax!!

Any Shout outs? Shout –out- L.I.F.E Crew!! Dj a- What, Joey Kuvo, ManeRoc!! Ichiban!!! Deca !!! Sam Abraham

Contact info?

JoeThunder EXCLUSIVE Catch Lungs f/ Flawless-Hail As Witnesses

Threw My Life-M6 Feat. S-dot. Produced By. MF2

T.I.L.T by King Tef

SidFly- Crack Ablum Mile High Classic

Who Is Bombing N The Mile High City

All Pic's taken By JoeThunder

Up Comming Shows

This Saturday Live Music by SP Double, Growhouse, Live Painting by The Knight Owls

Art Show with my boy Dunn

Check out this video: Selector Sam Scratch Practice

Get Money Clothing by Out-O


What’s good Mile High City????? Hope Everyone had a good Thanksgiving… We have some real dope shit for you this week , i was gonna post the Freestyles but forgot my flash drive at the crib so i ll post them next week.. .. I did recieve some tracks from MF Two and King Tef last night so i'm post them instead (thanks for getting me your tracks with the Quickness homies). Check out Exclusive joint off of JoeThunders I Got What U Need Part 2 by Catch lungs. In addition check out Yonass of The Pirate Signal Box State music profile .. We also posted some dope flicks of some ill ass bombing from around the city (A lot of recent stuff)… Last week I shouted out my boy Shoe and Hise , I didn’t post any of their flicks this week (in who is bombing in the Mile high City) , but don’t get it twisted these Kats are two ill ass bombers, I have an EXCLUSIVE interview with them coming next week with a ton of their flick's new and old, so stay tune… Gotta shout out Dope, Skuz, and Funk they bombed the city up something ridiculous this passed week, look for crazy pieces along I-25 between 6th and Colfax on the East side… Gotta shout out JTM on the release of Music Money & Roundtables and What It Is with their new Cd What It Is Vol 1 go cop that shit these Cd’s are dope .. Don’t forget to check out The Art of Hip Hop II this Sat Climax Lounge on 2217 Welton it’s gonna be dope.. Last but not least what up to Select Sam and Out-O with get money Clothing. Everyone stay up... I'm Out!!!!!
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Selector Sam said...


ILLONE said...

ARTII Show was GRIMEY!!!
Real street style.
The battle was dope! The clothes were fresh! The paint was hardcore.

As usual kickin with evrybody is off the hook!

Dent,SP,Koze were all real good for the party. I am always on the verge of havin "TOO MUCH" fun when those cats are playin.
I hope everybody is OK. Its my good care to holler at anybody who has to suffer for the art. Big Shout out to TKO,Nautic, Troy and the cats who run the Climax Lounge. May you all be blessed with peace in your life.