Monday, December 22, 2008

JTM, Kevin Pistol, Mums, Acee, D-Raw,Woe, Nyke Loc, Dyalekt, Skuz,Funk,Dope

Flick of The Week

This is something new I'm gonna start doing called Flick of the week.... Every week Ima post a flick or two of pieces that caught my eye while cruzing around the Mile High City(Mostly pieces that writers have done in the last week or so).. U digg brand new shit!!!!!

Koan/ Acee Getting up Big on the Fax !!!!

Last Weeks pic of the Week

Funk/ Skuz/ Dope- This was a really dope piece done a few weeks ago, it was really hard getting a decent pic.. I was cruzing down the highway the other night and noticed they already covered it up Assholes!!!!!

New Music JTM, Kevin Pistol, Blaze, D-Raw

FOE, Karma, Hood- Lights Out

Kevin Pistol- Rhetorical Questions


Mindstate- D Raw

Nyke Loc"Slap Music Video"

Courtesy of Optimum Films, Inc

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Woe/ Skae



Box State Music Hip Hop Blog

1. Name? Dyalekt

2. Label/ Crew? Supreme Productions / DiamondBoi Music

3. Where are you from? Tha City of Swagger, CO / YOU KNOW!

4. How long have you been in the game?
Since '02 actually pushin to do somethin besidez writin..

5. Who are some artist you have gotten down with outside your crew/label?
AVIUS & Es Nine, FOE, 303Boyz, Tech Groove (aka Rook Royal out in CHI, IL & LA, CA), Dee (droppin a hot ass mixtape by the end of 08) and down to get on some shit w/ ANYONE.

6. Let the people know what you do?
Rap, Produce, tha whole nine.

7. Craziest experience you have encountered while in the game?
Goin w/ an old homie to some catz house who wanted to battle him / ended up sneakin out of tha crib and dippin when we heard tha catz were plannin on jumpin us cuz he was smashin. Haha.

8. Most embarrassing experience you have encountered while in the game?
Haha / performin at a recent show and we spit Zome's same verse twice... Not too many noticed though / haha...

9. List some of your influences’?
Not even my pages lists enough influences dat have made a significant difference in what I do.

10. What are you currently working on?
Debut album 'They Call Me JClass' / fire in tha works...

Any Shout outs?
Shout out to 3TheHardway, Maneline / yall already know! Dee / wussup my dude // All my DiamondBoiz / official or unofficial / Zome, Ze, Somo, ObscureDef-X Chapter (Leezy & Luke Skyy), TSS Squad UP!, Lil Ceej / FOE, JOE THUNDER, and anyone who aint hatin whether you like me or juss don't know me. Ya feel me?!

Contact info?
DiamondBoiz. com / / hurryup4ndbuy (on AIM)

Whats good everybody thanks for stopping by Box State Music once again ... Its been cold as funk this week, but I still managed to make it out to a few spots.. The C-Rayz Walls show was sweet I was digging Dent's set he had the B-Boys going off.. I seen Jolt Slanging that GUERILLA GARDEN gear at the show (dope stuff)... I took A moment of silence for a small Chronic break with my boyz Dread, & Each they had that Kung Pow (Good Looking Homie) .... Saturday Night checked out the Jelly Jam (Happy B Day Dent & PAAS) seen some good sets by Whygee, Paas, On- Point & SpellBinder who snuck in a song or two. U gotta love places that are smoker friendly.... Wanna say what up to Yonnas & Dj A What fresh off tour gotta chance to chopp it up with them this weekend... Also Gotta shout out Woe from RTD he's been getting up in the city everywhere (keep doing it homie)... O Yea Holla at KOZE he has Local Legend T-Shirts for sale!!!!! Well it's about that time to get outta herrrr. I hope Everyone has a wonderful and safe Christmas.... See you next week with some more DOPE Mile High Hip Hop!!!!


Kid Hum said...

Dyalekt is on this GRIND! Shout out to him and his brother Zome.

Aye Joe when is your new CD coming out? ("I Got What You Need")

Looks dope. Link me up.

Blacc and Deca is gonna be a hit.

Kid Hum

Fossil Fuel Official Website


Download my new Album Fossil Fuel

JoeThunder said...

I got what U need is all ready out ... Part II is comming out real Soon.... It features Haven, Morning Star, Karma, J Money, Catch Lungs, Flawless, Lett , Mdz, Tetra and Much much more.... Blacc & Deca should be out around Feb. 1st.... Merry X- Mas to everyone... JoeThunder

Kid Hum said...

damn I need to pay more attention!

is "I Got What You Need" online?