Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bombing The City With Hise & Shoe of TKO, Exclusive MDz/ Yonnas Freestyles, Exclusive J Money/ Meezly, J Hood Freestyles/ Broken Bread Art Gallery

Hise/ Shoe Pic

Shoe/ Hise Pic by

JoeThunder Interview w/ Shoe & Hise TKO Box State Music/ JoeThunder Exclusive

Shoe pic by

Hise pic by

Shoe & Hise Getting theirs in the Mile High All pic's by JoeThunder

Freestyle Yonnas, MDz Box State Muisc/ JoeThunder Exclusive

Freestyle - Meezly, J Money Maze, J Hood Box State Music/ JoeThunder Exclusive

Freestyle Danksta Lo, MDz, Yonnas Box State Music/ JoeThunder Exclusive

Freestyle J Money, Meezly, J Hood Box State Music/ JoeThunder EXCLUSIVE

This Friday

December 19

Box State Music
Always Support Colo. Business
Business Profile:

1. Business Name? Broken Bread Arts

2. Owner? E. Vazquez

3. Location? 919 W Byers Place Denver, CO 80223

4. Phone Number? (720) 570-5143

5. What type of service do you provide? We specialize in Bringing you unexpectedly exceptional art in unprecedented and unconventional forms.

6. Hours of Operations? Tuesday thru Saturday 10-7

7. Tell us a little about your self? We are a street and graffiti art gallery. We also specialize in custom mural bids. We carry the full supply of Spanish Montana spray paint and we have the cheapest prices on canvas in town. We carry markers, inks, dvds, t-shirts, and sketchbooks. We're the place for all of your street art and graffiti needs.

thank you!!!

Broken Bread Arts
919 W Byers Pl
Denver CO 80223


Mane Rok said...

Shoe kills it man.
Little homie has always been tight...no, I lied, he got really tight.
I aint mad at Hize either...my only prob is alot of TKO cats got alotta the same style.
BUt that happens alot in all crews.

Arae is super slept on.


Christina said...

Nice Pieces...Interview w/ Shoe & Hise was tight.

Anonymous said...

damn yo thts some sick ass throw ups man!!!!shit!!

Anonymous said...

box state music, i am practicing myself to have good throw ups and graffiti tags. i wanna have some good throw ups like u. Geno