Monday, December 29, 2008

Mile High Classics, X-Mas Flicks, Skuz, APOSTLE, Payer, Soja, Koze, Vice, Waldo, Act, Spin, Behold, DJ Vajra

Flicks of the Week

This week I couldn't make up my mind for the flick of the week so I posted two of them

Payer (you can peep this piece @ Broken Bread)

Soja (Sorry Ya'll But this piece pulled out over the weekend) Merry Christmas Soja I see you doing it big

Christmas Flcks


RTD ( WOE/ Acee)

Spin Merry Christmas

R86 Merry X-Mas

All pictures taken by Joethunder

Mile High Classics

B Blacc- History off The Art Of Conflict Cd

Allison Wright -2- 25 off The My Story Cd

Contact(JoeThunder Exclusive) off Denver 2 Tha South Cd

Cityblock f/ Dez- Seatback

Box State Music Profile

1. Name? APOSTLE

2. Label/ Crew? Seven Soldiers Productions

3. Where are you from? Denver

4. How long have you been in the game? I've been on record store shelves cnsistently for 14 years now. I cut my firt demo at 14 years old, I'm not sur what constitutes being "in the game" anymore.

5. Who are some artist you have gotten down with outside your crew/label? KRSONE, Killa Priest, DJ Quest, Mark Pistel, artists all over Colorado. from Ft. Collis to Grand Junction, to Park Hill to Montbello.

6. Let the people know what you do? Emcee, spoken word poet, lecturer, consultant, literacy and leadership instructor.

7. Craziest experience you have encountered while in the game? falling aleep at the eel o my roomates truck on the way back home from a gig in LA. Totalling his car as it flippe over twice over a cliff, no injuries, no arrests, no expenses, the insurance covered the whole thing.

8. Most embarrassing experience you have encountered while in the game? When the MC hosting a show in Pueblo CO. reading the cue card to introduce me, he couldn't read what it said and he called me "Ass Pistol". I didn't want to come out on stage after that intro.

9. List some of your influences'? KRSONE, Rakim, Wise Intelligent, Paris, Brother J, Tupac Shakur, Ice Cube, Saul Williams.

10. What are you currently working on? Just released Lyrical Activism March of this year, touring to support that release, also in the studio with various prducers working on material for the next release, as yet untitiled. Putting together a live band and lookig for talentto put out on the label.

Any Shout outs? To each an every one wo reads this!

Contact info?
www. 7soldiersprouctions. com
www. myspace. com/sevensoldier

Skuz of TKO Killing the Freight Christmas Week

More Dope flicks From 2008

Local Legend Koze TKO always doing it big in the city

Waldo SWS Reppin The Box State, Big Ups Homie

Behold RTDK I see U Bro!!!

ACT Always Dope Pieces

WOE Killin Em'

Spin I see you everywhere bro on 8th, On Freights, On The Platt, Under the highway, EVERYWHERE

All pictures taken by JoeThunder

DJ Vajra 3 minute battle routine

Box State Music Business Profile:
Always Support Colo. Business

1. Business Name? VICE

2. Owner? JASON LUNN

3. Location? BOULDER

4. Phone Number? 303-444-0842

5. What type of service do you provider? SNEAKERS, STREETWEAR CLOTHING AND HATS

6. Hours of Operations? 10-9 M-SAT 11-6 SUN

7. Tell us alittle about your self?
VICE is located in Boulder, CO in the Twenty Ninth Street shopping district at 29th and Canyon. VICE strives to bring Colorado an impressive array of streetwear. Our brands include: Nike, Crooks & Castles, Akomplice, 10 Deep, The Hundreds, Rogue Status, Reebok, Adidas, Sneaktip, Stussy, Undefeated, Freshjive, American Dreamer and more.

As streetwear evolves, so do we. Check in frequently as we look forward to always bringing you the latest in fashion from the premier street, skate and urban brands.

My 2 cents

What’s going down Mile High????? Just wanna start off by saying thanks to everyone who has gotten down with your boy over the past year and supported the movement.. Weather it’s with music, shows, this blog , or just kicking it I couldn’t do it with out ya’ll. To all the friends I have made over the past year I ‘m truly grateful… Let continue to build and take this movement to the next level… Big Up’s to all the haters to as you are the one’s the fuel my success, because of you I continue to work harder and harder every day, striving for excellence… With that said big up’s to all the bombers painting up the city over the last week Ya’ll been putting in major work Spin, Skuz, Woe, Soja, Koan keep doing what ya’ ll do ( when can I get a Box State piece)…. Woe and Kovet had a piece on 8th and Broadway they did Christmas Eve it only lasted one day b4 the buffer man got tem.. I hit up Es-9 the other night he said look out for the new Cd its coming soon . The single should be on myspace sometime next week… Also My boy K.O or Life the M.C told me his Cd’s is 99% finished and from what I’ve heard Shit is banging… I know JoeThunder is looking for beats for his next project hit him up at He also has a few spots open for I got What U Need Part 2... It’s about that time to get outta herrrrr see you in 09 baby.. Love and respect to everyone across the Box State…


Christina said...

This weeks post is super tight. Lovin the music and the art.

Anonymous said...

yo the skuz frieght routine is classik... this content would make a great magazine too... somethin for the hands to hold and the newstand. Denver is doin a really good thing.
I still cant get any sound out of this page. Its frustrating to see all this great content and somehow not be able to hear it.

i get my audio up like this lately